A Savage Sentiment


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released December 11, 2014

Recorded at Paper Tiger Studios



all rights reserved



Spry- Bass
Aaron- Guitar
Juice- Drums
Nate- Vocals

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Track Name: You Know, For Kids
A foot in the door but one in the grave
a rebel of sorts with a life on display.
with resentment in the dissection of decisions laid.
you’re culling the cultures and dressing a stage
and we are to marvel at all you display.
one certainly owns what one loathes

But what whip marches you on?

Abandoned intentions already grounded
Lengths deep yet still unfounded
playing youth naive of these wells
settling cells by setting the screws for these digital shelves
Track Name: How to Tame a Wild Man
As dumb luck would prove we laid what is to follow
The hearse heads the large bite and begs to see how full
the back end of small steps drowns out the sea
as this body rejects no river to thee

rest if I held this place and hell I would rent here out and there I’d dwell
for the buyer has need of a hundred eyes
the sellers praying but one bite
For that one bite

When that handshake left splinters in our plans and our wrists
deaths dealer, the carpenter, was known by his chips

asked “If success has so many fathers
and these failures are but our orphans
do those withered links sleep any sounder
in a burning chorus?

For we’ve smothered the line and snapped off the key
and lives given way to mechanical things.
indifferently stuck to this blackened husk
an innovations dawn has ushered in its dusk”

realized; I’ve been pitting us against them
Solace; for a pathetic ruse that argument is
but this night is almost over and our ride is in route
and truest is the fact that slept on our backs

“We romanced our way out”
Track Name: Polar Absolutes
So why change now?

When we’re racing black kites to fuck and to fight
for man to best man, from might to last flight.
To step into state that stepped onto page
and stomp out the promise that's too long been played.

So why change now?

Tradition has laid the way to behave
towards cultural presences “he” has deemed lame
to understand only ones live in crusade
and cut down the columns that could not be swayed

downward spirals
interpreted past purpose
peril read hand in hand with our grand plan

Dudes, Whoa

Cease taking stock in the double talk
and audit these plague years that best lay forgot
enlightenment thinking had buried that beast
yet you take solace in all we our to heed.
A whole life swallowed in a Salem glimpse
A witness glance you dare not miss
for the addled will serve the literal word
and that message will lay buried in that man made blur
Track Name: Seething is Bereaving
Here's just humans trying to swallow the sun
stubbornly singing lives flavor from tongue
tearing our throats as we push it down
better a bigger existence be found.
Track Name: Carbon Adams
Aim for the backs, off with their heads
let children rock out of the cradle
and then leave them here, here to clot
through ladders of schooling
old paths in lame books
spayed upon entry advisory looks by those moral pens

If all we’ve given them is fodder
what can be obtained but shit-polishing scapegoats
only focused on self gain?

So I carry aim for the martyrs
grit for the sheep
and moxie for everyone that just couldn’t keep
there heads above as stale waters rose
and faithful came in droves
Track Name: The Chat and Cut
Slow, slow rising rot
Life must be so hard for these western winds
if the toughest part of their nonstop coverage
is getting a shot without the competitions
crusaders filling the same frame
polarizing that same pain
lighting the first pyres with roaring rumors untamed.

“Here it is just in now label it hot off these lessons
we’ve draped this story in our favorite single sized pair of messes
and handed it to you in its most convent form
consumable by endless numerals addicted
to our tragedy porn”

Regurgitation bring irritation
a slow rot will ensue
but insides look so fine when they are lined
with violence and abuse

unhampered info so freshly wrought
then irresponsibly stamped new news.
always better off are second thoughts;
history, what do we have to lose?